Tips & Tricks

This shall be a collection of tips and tricks that I’ve learned over time. There won’t be any rhyme or reason to the list, just whatever I learn that’s useful, handy, and worthy of sharing. If you’ve got anything for me to try out and maybe add, just let me know.

  • How to ease a migraine with stuff you might have around your house……Caffeine and pepermint. It’s true. As long as I can remember, my mom drank flat Coca-Cola (yes, that can take a little while to happen) and ate York Peppermint Patties for her migraines. I followed suit and did that too. The peppermint patties are best cold and out of the refrigerator too. Basically, caffeine and peppermint oil enlarge your blood vessels, thereby making your head hurt less. Try it next time and see!
  • How to get your dog to take a pill without fuss……peanut butter. It’s worked on two dogs now for me and, with my current dog, it’s fool proof. Just bury the pill in a little bit of peanut butter. Your dog will love it and, even better, it’s hard for them to separate the pill from peanut butter so they have to swallow it.
  • How to get clear skin without spending a paycheck or more on some facial cleanser……witch hazel. Seriously. I read this online somewhere and bought some for $2.75 plus the cost of the cotton balls I already had. What’s $2.75 to lose, right? Anyway, I’ve been using it once a day for a few weeks now and I have never had clearer, softer skin. Never!
  • How to get a splinter out without tweezers or drawing salve……Duct tape. It’s true. I had an itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny splinter in my foot that I couldn’t even see, but it hurt! So I put the word out on Twitter and one very helpful person suggested using duct tape. I was skeptical, but I tried it. Just cut a bit of duct tape and stick it to wherever the splinter is and pull it off. Works like a charm!
  • How to ease a stuffed nose and head……Make a cup of hot tea, just as most people do when they’re stuffed up, and drop a cough drop or two into the tea. The menthol from the cough drop is instantly vaporized and very helpful. Learned that one on Twitter too.

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