A treatise on spring

It’s not actually spring yet, not officially. But who the hell cares. The temperatures have wiggled out from the single and sub-zero digits, crept past freezing, and settled in the forties. It’s glorious. The snow is melting, mostly. And it’s not snowing anymore. It actually rained the other day. Well, spritzed and fogged to be specific but it’s the thought that counts. I can see grass and the sun is shining. If it weren’t for the mud, the lingering snow, and the frozen dog and rabbit poop blooming in my yard (good lord is there a lot of rabbit poop for my never hardly seeing a damn rabbit)… well, it’d be perfect. I know that the forties and snow on the ground really should be still considered chilly or even cold. And I know I should probably still be covering my head and wearing gloves. But… at least I haven’t got out my summer dresses, as badly as I want to. It’s spring. That’s all that matters to me.

Winter sucks.

I bet you’ve heard that before.

I know I have.

So please do pardon me while I whine a little bit about the weather. Just to get back at me, please do feel free to whine about your weather in a comment on this blog post.

Anyway, why does winter suck for me right now?

Mostly because it’s only January 27, but also most recently because Lake Erie (of which I am a close neighbor) is 95% frozen over. This means that there will be colder temperatures and less snow.

I think I could deal with these colder-than-Alaska temperatures if there was more snow. It would seem more like actual winter.

This is why winter sucks. For me.