Setting Myself Up For Failure – Do I Make A New Year’s Resolution Or Not?

Christmas is over, just barely, so it’s time to move on – to New Year’s, of course.

A top New Year’s conversation starter is always the often made, much dreaded New Year’s Resolution.

Are you going to make one? Do you usually? What types of resolutions do you make? Are you usually successful at them?

Since I’m being nosy and asking you all sorts of personal, possibly prying questions, I’d better answer them too.

The New Year’s Resolution I’ve made most often is to not make one – which is still making one, but you see my point, don’t you? I don’t particularly care for failing at things and I have never stuck to a resolution long enough to consider myself successful. Even when I resolve not to make a resolution, apparently. Following diets is not my strong suit and exercise bores me, so those are both out as options because I can promise right now that I won’t follow through on either of them.

What else is there to make a resolution about?

Please, I want to know. Until then, I’m resolved not to resolve anything at all. What about you?