Sunday Poetry Reading, June 10 – It Is a Small Plant

It Is a Small Plant

William Carlos Williams

It is a small plant

delicately branched and

tapering conically

to a point, each branch

and the peak a wire for        

green pods, blind lanterns

starting upward from

the stalk each way to

a pair of prickly edged blue

flowerets: it is her regard,        

a little plant without leaves,

a finished thing guarding

its secret. Blue eyes—

but there are twenty looks

in one, alike as forty flowers        

on twenty stems—Blue eyes

a little closed upon a wish

achieved and half lost again,

stemming back, garlanded

with green sacks of        

satisfaction gone to seed,

back to a straight stem—if

one looks into you, trumpets—!

No. It is the pale hollow of

desire itself counting        

over and over the moneys of

a stale achievement. Three

small lavender imploring tips b

elow and above them two

slender colored arrows        

of disdain with anthers

between them and

at the edge of the goblet

a white lip, to drink from—!

And summer lifts her look        

forty times over, forty times


I never would have read this poem if I hadn’t signed up at Poets.Org for their “Poem-A-Day” emails. I’ve discovered a lot of poems through that so, if you like poetry, you should sign up.