I never have anything to say

I never have anything to say on this blog, that is. Maybe I cursed myself by calling it what I call it. I was never very good at diaries either. So I suppose it only stands to reason that I’m lost here too. I’ll give a little bit longer and delete if I’m boring even myself.

I don’t know why I’m posting this…

Twenty days until Christmas!

Twenty days until Christmas.


Guess who hasn’t bought a thing yet. Unless, of course, you count the Christmas tree shaped Reese’s Peanut Cups that vaguely resemble turds and the “snowflake” shaped York Peppermint Patties and the Hershey Milk Chocolate bars with Santa on them.

I’ve been eating those.

And the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bells. Those are going to require me asking Santa Claus for new clothes a size up…

Anyway, I’m off to consider this ticking Christmas clock.

Snow, snow, go away…

It’s bad that I’m whining about the couple inches of snow on the ground already, isn’t it? It has to be bad. It’s only November 12. As best as I can figure it, I’ve got five more months, give and take, of snow. But couldn’t it have waited until Thanksgiving at least?

Apparently not.

In defense of Mother Nature, I’m only supposed to get snow today and tomorrow then temperatures are going back into the 40s and 50s. But still…

I think I’ll go hide under a blanket until it melts.

Must-watch TV: NBC’s Revolution

If you watched the Olympics in the United States on NBC, chances are that you saw promos for their new post-apocalyptic (is that phrase becoming trite and overused? possibly.) drama about all the lights – and anything else the uses power of any sort (batteries included) – going out. Opting to be intrigued rather than overwhelmed by the endless ads, I deciding to watch it when it premiered. As a brief side not, it was a ratings record setter for NBC so apparently I wasn’t the only one. (source)

I followed through on that.

I was not disappointed.

The show stars Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth, David Lyons, Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, JD Pardo, Tim Guinee, Maria Howell, and Elizabeth Mitchell. Burke plays Miles,  the once soldier-now renegade who runs a speakeasy of sorts in Chicago until his niece Charlie (Spiridakos) comes to asking for his help rescuing her brother from the militia (headed by Esposito). Miles doesn’t want to go but when, after some kick ass fighting of his own, he needs rescuing by his niece, her British step-mother (who she doesn’t much like), and a former Google exec … he really has no choice but to go with them.

Both Burke and Spiridakos are perfect in their roles. I haven’t seen Spiridakos in anything else but she’s got the perfect mix of rebellious, innocent, determined, caring, and fearless. I’ve seen Burke in the Twilight films, where he stole every scene he appeared in but was tragically underused – he is the epitome of all that Miles is; bad boy, really does care about family against his better judgment, steady, determined, and all the rest.

The first episode was basically an introduction to everything. To be successful, introductions need to leave the people who spend time on them (like me) wanting more information, more details, and answers to their questions (like I do). That being said, Revolution was very successful in my humble opinion.

A random event that made it even more successful? The lights flickered in my house two times during the show and the picture on the screen scrambled three or four times. Excellently creepy accidental effects.

I had dinner with my family the day after the show premiered and our main topic of conversation was speculating about who’s really who and what’s really what on Revolution. I want to know more about Maria Howell’s character and why she has the same necklace thingy (that can turn on computers!) that Charlie’s dad gave to the Google exec. I want to know if JD Pardo’s Nate ever tells the truth to anyone about anything. I want to know why the British accented doctor had poisoned whiskey in her bag. I want to know what happened to Charlie’s mother.

I need it to be Monday again so I can watch another episode.

That, my friends, makes Revolution must-watch TV.


Karma is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

I’m a recent convert to the idea of karma, too. I knew what it was, what it meant, and how people thought of it but I’d never really seen it in action until yesterday.

That’s when I was introduced to the loveliness that is karma.

Someone was rude to me, rudeness that bordered on being flat out insulting, after I did something for said person. I almost slapped someone. But I’m better that than, so I stewed in my anger and frustration. I only had to wait five minutes before karma flew in and made me happy.

I didn’t even feel guilty for being happy, or maybe smug is a better word, when said suffered just a little bit.

It didn’t hurt them and it didn’t hurt me, but it made me feel better so I know love karma.

My 50th Post.

In honor of my 50th blog post, I’m going to salute my inner fandom-y nerd and show you my “Fandom Identification Card.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll say that I honestly don’t know what some of these things are so maybe I’m not that much of a nerd at all.

The ones I do know…

  • Ravenclaw is an awesome House to be from in Harry Potter – after all, how could you not love Luna Lovegood?
  • Being a vampire in Twilight is also something that makes me happy – I’ve got a teeny, or not, crush on Jasper Hale. I can admit it.
  • I read two and a half of the Lord of the Rings books and I still don’t know exactly what my being classified as a man means. Not a huge fan.
  • I know what Star Wars is best I’ve never watched any of them. I know I’m probably the only person in America who can say that, but it’s true. In any case, stormtrooper sounds downright badass.
  • I do know that a Child of Adam & Eve in The Chronicles of Narnia is essentially a man, so at least I’m consistent. But I can’t honestly remember any more details about it.
  • I’m excited about being from House Lannister in Game of Thrones – Tyrion was one of my favorite characters.
  • Somehow I just knew I’d be a Vulcan on Star Trek – maybe because I got voted “most stoic” by my ninth grade class. That may not be a good thing.

Anyway, about the rest, I know next to nothing. Should I be concerned? Or just laugh?


Is it strange that I’m so excited that it’s 60 degrees and sunny out when it wasn’t ever really winter here? I do believe spring has finally, to use a cliche, sprung.

It really shouldn’t be strange because it was so incredibly cold most of the time, even if it didn’t snow. I would have dealt with the cold better if there’d been a little snow, but there really wasn’t. So yeah, I’m glad it’s spring.

I saw a robin today too, a definite sign of spring.

I’m so excited!

Watch, it’ll snow tomorrow….

I wanna Japanese you.

To everyone who’s ended up at this blog because you’ve googled “I wanna Japanese you” (you know, the line from the Train song), I have to apologize. First of all, it’s heartening to know that I’m not the only one stumped on what it means and heading to google for answers. Second of all, you ended up here because I want to know what it means. Sorry that I can’t answer the question for you. If you can answer it for me, please do!

Lastly, it isn’t strange that that phrase is on my stats page as the reason most people end up here, is it?