A treatise on spring

It’s not actually spring yet, not officially. But who the hell cares. The temperatures have wiggled out from the single and sub-zero digits, crept past freezing, and settled in the forties. It’s glorious. The snow is melting, mostly. And it’s not snowing anymore. It actually rained the other day. Well, spritzed and fogged to be specific but it’s the thought that counts. I can see grass and the sun is shining. If it weren’t for the mud, the lingering snow, and the frozen dog and rabbit poop blooming in my yard (good lord is there a lot of rabbit poop for my never hardly seeing a damn rabbit)… well, it’d be perfect. I know that the forties and snow on the ground really should be still considered chilly or even cold. And I know I should probably still be covering my head and wearing gloves. But… at least I haven’t got out my summer dresses, as badly as I want to. It’s spring. That’s all that matters to me.

Just vaccinate your kids, people.

Speaking as a kid-less sort of person, I may not have the best platform on which to make an argument about vaccinations but, hey, I’m an American (free speech and all that) and I live in this world too (would rather not see kids die from preventable diseases, on principle) so I’m going to pontificate here for a minute.

Like I said –

Just vaccinate your kids, people.

The whole autism thing has been debunked by people who actually probably really do know these things. There are kids who actually can’t get vaccinations and are, therefore and not illogically, more prone to the things (measles, etc.) that your kids could be carrying and subsequently more likely to get sicker and possibly die.

Do you really only care about your own kid? Or do you figure everybody should do as you do and we should all be taking our chances as they did back before vaccines were invented?

Either way, I’m not seeing the sense in this.

Do you tell your kids to walk on sidewalks rather than the streets because it’s safer? Don’t you know cars can come up on sidewalks and still hit your kids?

Do you put seat belts on your kids to keep them safe? Why? Why not roll with life like you are by not vaccinating them?

Both of those things, roundabout examples though they may be, run a better chance of only affecting you and your kid than not vaccinating does.

Try to think of the rest of the world? Please?

What the Super Bowl means to me…

What does the Super Bowl mean to me?

Not much, really.

My team isn’t in the game. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about deflated balls because I’m a cynic at heart and figure the whole thing is always and probably always will be just a on the positive side of crooked. That being said… go Seahawks. Yep, that’s how I’ll do it.

Katy Perry is the halftime show. I think there is exactly one Katy Perry song I like, which I liked on the radio and then I made the mistake of watching the video for it and she had fireworks on her boobs. Yep. But Lenny Kravitz is a special guest. How come Lenny Kravitz couldn’t just be the halftime show? I hear football fans are trending more toward women like me rather than men. Maybe this explains it. Of course, Katy Perry is a teen, twentysomething type and Lenny Kravitz has a sex appeal you’d have to be blind not to see.

The other thing about the Super Bowl are the ads. Everybody gets themselves in a tizzy over the ads. That’s all well and good when the ads air during, you know, the game. But this year half the ads seemed to be online, and causing carefully staged controversy (I’m looking at you, GoDaddy, because that was just tacky … but all your ads are so…), so I don’t really get the point of that anymore.

Mostly what the Super Bowl means to me is that we’re just a little bit closer to spring and sunshine and warmth.

Election Day!

Did you vote?

I did!

And Tom Wolf already won! It’s rare that people I vote for win so this is very exciting that he seems to have done it in a landslide.

Here in my little slice of Pennsylvania I only had three things on my ballot. Governor, U.S. Representative, and State Representative. Wolf won, there’s a long-term re-districted Republican who’ll likely win, and the Democrats actually ran someone uncontested for the State Legislature.

It could be better but it could be worse.

A lot worse.

It’s strange how excited I am about this election since I could hardly be bothered to vote last time, i.e. 2012. Here’s hoping my interest keeps on ticking!

It’s October!

But you probably knew that.

The worst thing about October is that November comes next. October is pretty; a riot of colors in the trees, the chance to drown in Halloween candy and pumpkin spice everything, the crispness in the air. November is a harsh reminder that the riot of colors we loved in October is really death and decay, Halloween candy and pumpkin spice everything are fattening and filled with chemicals, and the crispness turns too quickly to snow.

I’m a pessimist, I know.

Email etiquette

Are there rules for email etiquette?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Any way you look at it, there should be.

So, in light of my being thoroughly annoyed by a distinct lack of email etiquette lately, here are my five simple…

RULES FOR EMAIL ETIQUETTE (when you initiate an email)

  1. If you send me an email and I reply in less than a week, politely answering your inane questions and asking socially acceptable questions about your work, pets, and family, you should reply to me in less than a week. After all, it was you who emailed me in the first place so it only stands to reason that you wanted me to reply.
  2. If, in fact, you didn’t want me to reply, please don’t email me. It’s fine if you don’t care to hear from me. I’d rather know that than go on being deluded by you.
  3. Should you email me and I reply and, three weeks or more later, I find myself wondering if perhaps you died and that’s why you never replied, please do know that I don’t want to email you any more. If you are, in fact, still alive, that is. If you’re dead, my condolences to your family.
  4. Never, never, never email me a half-assed reply to something you asked for by telling me that you’ll reply to the rest later and, if you don’t, remind you to do it. I will never, never, never beg you to humor me with a piddly little bunch of words that are nothing more than that.
  5. Just tell me if you’re too busy to bother with me any more. I’ve got my big girl panties on. I can take it. In fact, I’d like to take it. It’d save me a hell of a lot of annoyance in my life when I really don’t need any.

Thank you for reading my tantrum.

Bring it on 2014!

Just under four hours here in northwest Pennsylvania until 2014 arrives. I’m a lame but happy homebody sitting at my computer in snowflake print fleece pajama pants and I’m not totally sure I’ll stay up until midnight.

But yeah, bring on 2014. I’m ready!

I even have my New Year’s Resolution ready to go.

I hearby resolve to get over my allergy to shopping and make one impulse, not even second-guessed purchase per month.

Let’s do it.

More lightly, I also resolve that any news-y Twitter feed or website I currently like to go to that thinks I give two rats’ asses about anyone in the Kardashian family will immediately be a Twitter and website I no longer pay any attention to.

Anyway, I wish the happiest of new year’s to anyone reading this blog at any time!


In which I find naming winter storms depressing…

I think with was The Weather Channel that decided to name winter storms like hurricanes are named. Last year was the first year they did it, I know, and I vaguely remember reading something about how they wanted people to be better prepared for the storms. I call bull crap.

They just want a way to sell the storm, a way to plaster something in large, alarming letters denoting “Breaking News” across our television screens.

There were winter storms before they had names and the media still covered them. So what changed?

Marketing, that’s what.

Meanwhile, we’re already on Winter Storm Electra and “winter” doesn’t start for another eight days.


So can we at least wait to start naming them “Winter Storm …” until after, say, winter starts? Is that too much to ask? Probably.

My absence explained…

Oh, you didn’t notice I was absent? Neither did I, to be honest. Now I see that my last post was on September 15 and I just rambled aimlessly about the movies I watched.

This post isn’t going to be much more interesting.

I do have a reason for failing myself and this blog.

Life is getting in the way and I’ve been distracting myself from stress by not talking about it, i.e. not posting about it.

Suffice it to say, my 93 year old World War II veteran grandfather had a stroke that has left him very confused and he had to be moved into a nursing home. Add to that the fact that he has seven living children who are incredibly stressed about it, and with each other, and it’s a recipe for stress all around.

More recently, my seven year old beagle with a host of health problems (I blame myself for getting a dog bred from brother and sister but I give her a fantastic home, I like to think, so I place more blame on the people who BRED brother and sister) has a pinched nerve or something with her IVDD in her back again. So now she’s on two more pills, for the time being, and the vet said he wants her to lose at least 17 pounds in six months.

That’s a lot! And yes, she is fat. And yes, I know that she would have less back problems if she was skinnier. Every time I try to change her food she gets diarrhea and, over the summer, was diagnosed with either colitis/gastritis/pancreatitis (we can’t tell because the seizure medicine she’s on messes up the tests for it, of course). But I’m going to do it this time. I want to be able to pick her able and carry her home if she got hurt on a walk. I can’t do that now and I need to be able to do it.

It may seem strange that I just talked more about my dog than my grandfather but I can control more about my dog and it’s harder to think of my grandfather the way he is now.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. I’ll try to be better about posting.