Just vaccinate your kids, people.

Speaking as a kid-less sort of person, I may not have the best platform on which to make an argument about vaccinations but, hey, I’m an American (free speech and all that) and I live in this world too (would rather not see kids die from preventable diseases, on principle) so I’m going to pontificate here for a minute.

Like I said –

Just vaccinate your kids, people.

The whole autism thing has been debunked by people who actually probably really do know these things. There are kids who actually can’t get vaccinations and are, therefore and not illogically, more prone to the things (measles, etc.) that your kids could be carrying and subsequently more likely to get sicker and possibly die.

Do you really only care about your own kid? Or do you figure everybody should do as you do and we should all be taking our chances as they did back before vaccines were invented?

Either way, I’m not seeing the sense in this.

Do you tell your kids to walk on sidewalks rather than the streets because it’s safer? Don’t you know cars can come up on sidewalks and still hit your kids?

Do you put seat belts on your kids to keep them safe? Why? Why not roll with life like you are by not vaccinating them?

Both of those things, roundabout examples though they may be, run a better chance of only affecting you and your kid than not vaccinating does.

Try to think of the rest of the world? Please?

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