My absence explained…

Oh, you didn’t notice I was absent? Neither did I, to be honest. Now I see that my last post was on September 15 and I just rambled aimlessly about the movies I watched.

This post isn’t going to be much more interesting.

I do have a reason for failing myself and this blog.

Life is getting in the way and I’ve been distracting myself from stress by not talking about it, i.e. not posting about it.

Suffice it to say, my 93 year old World War II veteran grandfather had a stroke that has left him very confused and he had to be moved into a nursing home. Add to that the fact that he has seven living children who are incredibly stressed about it, and with each other, and it’s a recipe for stress all around.

More recently, my seven year old beagle with a host of health problems (I blame myself for getting a dog bred from brother and sister but I give her a fantastic home, I like to think, so I place more blame on the people who BRED brother and sister) has a pinched nerve or something with her IVDD in her back again. So now she’s on two more pills, for the time being, and the vet said he wants her to lose at least 17 pounds in six months.

That’s a lot! And yes, she is fat. And yes, I know that she would have less back problems if she was skinnier. Every time I try to change her food she gets diarrhea and, over the summer, was diagnosed with either colitis/gastritis/pancreatitis (we can’t tell because the seizure medicine she’s on messes up the tests for it, of course). But I’m going to do it this time. I want to be able to pick her able and carry her home if she got hurt on a walk. I can’t do that now and I need to be able to do it.

It may seem strange that I just talked more about my dog than my grandfather but I can control more about my dog and it’s harder to think of my grandfather the way he is now.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. I’ll try to be better about posting.


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