A weekend at the movies…

So I have a cold. Saturday I had a killer sinus problem… shivers, sweats, nausea, splitting headache, whimpering while laying on the cool-ish bathroom floor and all that good stuff.

Too much information?

I apologize. It’s only excuse for watching seven (yes, seven!) movies this weekend. Good excuse, right?

I’m feeling better so I’ll tell you watch I watched and what I thought.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR EXPECTING — I really thought this movie would be funnier. Maybe it was more of the new trend in comedy, i.e. crass. Elizabeth Banks talked a lot about farting, peeing, and pooping for example. Cameron Diaz was just irritating. Brooklyn Decker was the one I liked best. But the entire movie would have been better if it hadn’t been brought to a heartbreaking halt with Anna Kendrick’s story line. I get that it was supposed to be about the book of the same name, and that it’s reality, but maybe “comedy” wasn’t the best genre to go with in that case.

BUTTER — It’s a movie about, yes, butter. How good could it be? You’d think it would be better with Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Ashley Greene, and the guy from Modern Family but you would be wrong… because it’s a movie about butter. Butter carving, to be exact, at the Iowa State Fair, of course. I never, ever thought I’d say this but Rob Corddry saved this movie. I have never really been a fan of his, but this movie would have been DOA without him.

LIKE CRAZY — Girl is English in America, girl falls in love with American boy, girl has to go home to England, girl breaks passport rules to stay with boy, boy and girl must be separated because boy’s a twit and won’t move to England… girl flirts with English boy, boy dates American girl… English girl and American boy decide they MUST be with each other, they make it “official” so she can come back to America… girl takes new English boy to meet her parents, he proposes, she dumps him and moves to America with American boy. A lot happens in between, and it’s good, but that’s the summary of it. I admit I watched it for Charlie Bewley and Jennifer Lawrence (NOT the American boy and English girl, mind you) but it was a very good movie.

THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET — Note to self: this is not the movie to watch home alone after dark. Nope. In other news, Jennifer Lawrence can also act well enough to make the possibly cheesy, campy plot of a horror movie damn creepy! That is, of course, also thanks to Max Thierot who brings creepiness to a level that would make his small, tv screen “brother” Norman Bates squirm. Watch this movie!

A WARRIOR’S HEART — This is the typical high school chick flick. It’s about lacrosse, though, even more than the romance. Or more specifically it’s about Conor Sullivan (Kellan Lutz) and his love of lacrosse. Passion for it, really, and passion it always placid, peaceful love. There is romance, though, because Conor falls for the lacrosse coach’s daughter, who also plays lacrosse. There is more to the story but it’s good enough that I don’t want to spoil it for you.

UNITED — I’m American but I know that “our” football is not the football of the rest of the world. I used quotes where I did because I think the rest of the world has it right. But I digress. This was the best of the seven movies I watched. I know, sort of, the David Beckham once played for Manchester United but I didn’t know about the 1958 plane crash that killed part of the team. I like Sam Claflin and David Tennant, though, and I like the “true story” movies so I turned it on. It was brilliant. I felt connected to the characters, to the men on that team so much so that I went online after it was over and Googled them to find out more and how true to fact the movie was. I’m very impressed and I will probably watch this one again.

THE IMMORTALS — I was feeling better by the time I got to movie #7 so I rewarded myself with this movie. Why? Eye candy, of course. I saw pictures of Henry Cavill from this movie. Shirtless, mostly pantless, covered in sweat and dirt and blood… it’s easy to have a moment watching this. Kellan Lutz and the other gods were nice to look at too, of course. But Greek mythology has always been a little about my head so I’ll trust that the story was “real” and enjoy my memories of Theseus becoming a god among men.

And that’s how I spent my weekend.

How was yours?


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