You were warned…

540901_10151335109156275_889024171_nThis isn’t mine, but I’m put it out here as a warning because I might, to my dismay, start talking politics around these parts. See, with the NSA surveillance, possible “military action” against Syria, forced health care… I’ve got a lot to say.

And even though I am everything this borrowed graphic says, I do not like the NSA surveillance, military action in Syria, or Obamacare. Not one damn bit. In fact, I want my 2008 and 2012 votes back. I take them back. Not going back in time to vote for McCain or Romney, of course, but I wouldn’t vote for Obama again. Not a chance.

So yeah, it might get political here. I hope you’re open-minded enough to stick around and talk about things with me but if you’re not, that’s fine. Just unfollow me (can you even do that on WordPress?) and otherwise ignore me. I’m good with it.



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