Weed killer vs. dogs

I have a law that I think needs to be enacted immediately all across America. It has nothing to do with national security, abortion, government aid, guns, or any of the “hot button” issues like that. It has to do with dogs.

It should be a law that if you own a yard and use weed killer or other lawn treatments of any sort on your grass, near the sidewalk where dogs walk, you should have to post it. You should be required to put up a little sign that says “Treated grass! Keep pets and kids off!“.

Actually, it shouldn’t need to be a law because people should be considerate enough to put up the sign anyway.

But they aren’t, so it needs to be a law. One with consequences… a fine of $50 if you’re caught treating your lawn and not putting up a sign.

The reason I’m on my soapbox about this is that my dog spends a lot of time in the grass when I’m walking her. After all, it’s where she pees and poops. And yes, I’m more considerate than people who put weed killer on their grass and don’t say a word… I pick up her poop. Thank you very much. Anyway, my dog likes to sniff around in the grass, especially under wires where birds hang out. I have one neighbor who feeds birds (pigeons, if you can believe it) so my dog very much likes his yard. The other day, I saw him spraying weed killer where she spends a lot of time with her nose in the grass. I wanted to punch him. But I didn’t. Now I just go out of my way to avoid his yard, and it is out of my way. I wish I didn’t have to, because if she pooped in his yard, I would not be picking it up.

The sum of all this is simple:

If you put weed killer on your grass, at least have the courtesy to let people know so they can decide whether or not to walk through it. Please. It’s only logical. That’s all it would take to make me happy.


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