Is it October yet? I need my zombies…

Zombies of The Walking Dead variety, I mean.

See, Comic Con is going on right now (and most of what I know about that I learned on The Big Bang Theory but I digress) and AMC released a four and a half minute trailer for the first half (that’s right, just the FIRST HALF of the season that starts October 13) and (excuse my inner fangirl here but) Oh. My. God. does it look freakin’ amazing!!!

WordPress is suddenly stupid and I no longer no how to embed a video in a post anymore (which I wanted to do because you need to see this) so please, please, please follow this link and see how much you want to watch it…

Did it work? Can you see the video there? If not, oh well. Oh sweet! It worked. Just a little copy and paste magic needed!

I’m fangirling too much to say much about it but the fact remains that, I want to watch this. I’ve never been so impatient for October!


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