Why doesn’t dog food taste better?

Why doesn’t dog food taste better?

Not that I’ve tasted dog food, but with the way my dog is acting since I had to change her food, I think it is safe to say that she does not find her Purina NF KidNey dry food formula prescription dry food tasty at all. She misses her Purina One Lamb & Rice.

And no, I’m not reading too much in to the actions of my dog.

She tries so hard to be a good girl and do what I want her to do. Before I found out I had to switch her, she’d dance around my feet while I filled her bowl. When I started to switch her over, she gamely ate the old stuff and the new. When she was switched to only the new stuff, she gave me this sad puppy dog look before she tucked tail and tucked in. She’s a beagle, by the way, so her sad puppy dog look is a killer. I started putting water in her food, thinking maybe she’d like that better and, for a few days, she did. Then the sad puppy dog look was back. She’d sniff at her food and sigh. Yesterday she left partially eaten bowls of food. She never does that. Today she sniffed her breakfast from a couple feet away and went to lay down in her bed.

It was so sad.

The vet said there are more options for kidney friendly foods, so I’ll have to try them but for today at least, she’s getting her old food back. I gave her half a helping of new and half a helping of old and she ate it. Poor thing.

All this brings me to the original question, can’t Purina make dog food taste better? I’m sure they do endless, expensive research creating these specialized foods (and that has to be the reason the food costs so much) so why can’t it taste good?


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