Mixed up priorities…

If you were a news editor for a print (screen or paper) publication or a producer of a news program and you were presented with this list of topics to cover for the day…

  • NSA collects data on every American’s phone calls, even when they deny doing it
  • Senators call person who leaked the story a traitor and deem him guilty of treason
  • Police in Turkey set anti-government protesters on fire and arrest lawyers after weeks of protest there
  • Dozens of people killed in bombings in Iraq
  • Tim Tebow signs with the New England Patriots

…how would you order them by priority and importance of story?

I don’t understand how ‘the powers that be’ think because, if you ask me, Tim Tebow should never, ever be mentioned when those other four things are going on. Just no, never. That’s neither important nor meaningful if you claim to be a distributor of “news”.


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