A thought about recent car commercials

Have you noticed something about the many, many advertisements for new cars lately? Other than that there are a ridiculously annoying number of them, of course.

I have.

I’ve noticed that the new theme in the commercials, especially for Kia and Subaru (maybe Volkswagen), is apparently that if you buy a brand new X (most likely the most expensive option), it will last through your lifetime. And your kids that pooped in the car seats? They’ll learn to drive in that car.

This is not true.

I suppose it could be true, but I do not believe for a moment that the car companies actually want you to buy a car that will last sixteen plus years. It would KILL their profit margins. They need and want you to buy as many of their cars as you can afford. So don’t fall for the “bring your newborn daughter home from the hospital in the newest X and you will watch her drive off to college in it.”

Not gonna happen.

Trust me.


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