The last money I shall spend on Twilight…

I did it. I caved. I bought, nay, I pre-ordered The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

There really wasn’t ever any doubt that I would buy it. After all, I bought the other movies so why would I not complete my set?

But I have a few things to complain about, and these are things that made the title of this post “The last money I shall spend on Twilight”:

  1. I pre-ordered said movie on Amazon for $14.96 for the 2-disc DVD. $14.96 is an excellent price for a 2-disc DVD, don’t you think? It is, I know because Amazon told me that $14.96 is 52% off the suggested retail price. 52%!!! I wondered why they didn’t just lower the original price but then I got wise to their schemes. You see, the DVD is only really worth $14.96 (or less) but if you think you’re getting it for 52% off, you’ll be inclined to say “heck, I’ll buy two!” I only bought two, but I still fell for it.
  2. Did you see they released an “extended cut” of Breaking Dawn – Part 1? True story. Will I fall for that one? No, sir/ma’am. Why? A) I had to work hard to convince myself I wanted to buy that movie in the first place. B) If the stuff they cut out is so awesome, and dollar-worthy, why not just put it in the movie in the first place. Nope, I know a thorough milking of a cash cow when I see one. I shall not be taking part in that.

You see, once I get this movie, my collection will be complete. I own all the books and I will own all the movies (sort of, since my copy of New Moon might technically be borrowed from my sister but if she doesn’t like it enough to ever take it back when she’s near it, that’s not my problem. I even own The Official Illustrated Guide, which I only bought because I won $30 at a casino so it was like found money. That thing is so chock full of errors and just plain stupid mistakes that I’m surprised I’m even admitting to owning it here, in public.

Anyway, Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade, Bill Condon, and the cast have given me hours upon hours (we’ll just leave it vague like that) of enjoyment but that’s all the money I’ll spend. After all, with what I’ve got now, why would I need anymore?

Keep on walking, you cash cow milking studio/publisher people. Nothing more to see here.


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