Why chicken wings irritate me…

I don’t mean the wings still attached to chickens, of course. I mean to say that the chicken wings from pizza shops and places like that irritate me. Then again, it isn’t so much the chicken wings themselves that irritate me as it is the inconsiderate people who eat them.

Yes, many chicken wing lovers are inconsiderate.

I hope I’m not talking to you.

The fact is that I am really so very tired of having to dig chicken bones out of my dog’s mouth because they’re just lying in your grass. Now, I know you probably don’t randomly dump your chicken wing remnants in your yard and that chances are higher cats or some other animal tear your garbage bags open but that doesn’t excuse you completely. You could still wrap it up better or put your trash bags in cans.

I’ve Googled it. You should too. Bones, especially small ones like those in chicken wings, can splinter and seriously hurt a dog.

I don’t know about all dogs, but when my dog gets something in her mouth it’s like she knows she shouldn’t have it so she tries to swallow it fast. That’s not good.

And don’t say that I should have trained my dog better. I admit she could be better trained. But what dog, especially a beagle like mine, will pass her nose up at something as tasty as a chicken wing?

So please, help ease my irritation and for the benefit all dogs and the people who walk them, try to keep chicken bones out of the street!


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