So the final Twilight movie is coming out…

I don’t know, maybe you’ve heard?

If not, I promise it’s true. Friday. Or Thursday. Who knows exactly when, since film studios are starting to look like WalMart and Target with their Black Friday sales – it’ll be dawn on Thursday, serving turkey dinners in line in a year or two, mark my words.

Either way, the earliest I’ll see the movie is next weekend – insert Black Friday joke here.

Yes, I’m going to see the movie. I like, and probably love Twilight. Clearly I don’t qualify as a “Twi-hard”, though, since I can wait a week or more to see the movie. Part of the reason for that is that the other movies have left me… underwhelmed so my hopes are not that high for the last one. I’m more of a book person in general anyway.

Say what you will about sparkling vampires and silly teenage girls, not to mention the shirtless werewolves (Team Edward, by the way!), the Stephenie Meyer has provided many people, myself included, with hours of entertainment. Yes, I’ve read the books more than once and yes, I’ve seen the movies more than once (only Eclipse more than once in the theater, the rest on DVD) and I’m not ashamed to admit to either. When I need something to read or watch that I know I’ll enjoy, I know I can dust of Twilight.

Does the story always make sense? No. Does the story portray some sort of abuse between a girl and her boyfriend? I’m no expert, but I say no. Is the story influenced by Stephenie Meyer’s faith? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter – she’s not trying to convert anyone.

If you scoff at Twilight because it doesn’t make sense, because you think Bella and Edward are bad examples for teenagers everywhere, because you think Stephenie Meyer wants you to be a Mormon when the Volturi leave … or any of the other reasons people write the books off, I ask you to remember this:

It’s a book, based on a dream, about a girl who falls in love with a sparkly vampire.

How much sense is it supposed to make? How real can it possibly be?

It’s a story that’s meant for entertainment. It’s not meant for everyone, but we’ve all got our passions so don’t knock someone just because they like it. Not unless you want to be knocked for your passions – and I bet you don’t.

I, for one, know that I am sad that the final movie is coming out but I’m happy too.

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer.


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