Post #100

Never thought I’d reach 100 posts on my humble little blog. Looking back, I’ve done a lot of rambling, so I picked a good title. Some posts have been more profound than others. Some have been embarrassingly simple.

The thing that’s brought the most people to this blog? Wondering what the line “I wanna Japanese you” from the Train song means. In case you’re still coming here for that, someone commented and informed me that the it relates to the Japanese practice of bathing together, with a specific reference to Shogun.

562 people have viewed something here. That might not seem like a lot, but that’s 561 more than I hoped would look around.

My busiest day was November 3, 2011 when 18 people came around. I didn’t post that day, so I can’t explain exactly why everyone came … but I’m glad they/you did.

The busiest month was May 2012 – when I put myself on a posting schedule.

18 people follow this blog and that stat seriously blows my mind.

So, in hindsight and all that, thanks for stop by. Come back again. I’m having fun, aren’t you?


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