Mumford & Sons new album “Babel” is out today in the US. I don’t have it yet. This makes me sad.

However, I will have it sometime between Friday and Tuesday. Why wait, you ask? Because buying the album on Amazon means I get three bonus tracks. Always a good thing. So, since I was already paying for shipping & handling to get said three songs rather than pay the same price for three less songs at WalMart, I skipped paying more and I’ll wait (im)patiently for it to arrive.

And yes, I ordered a physical album rather than just buying the digital version because, well, I like the physical thing. I can, and will, put it on my computer and mp3 player as soon as I get it, of course, but I like having something I can touch.

In any case, expect a review of the album very shortly after I get it.


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