TV Tuesday, August 28 – New Fall Shows

It’s the end of August, it’s time to start planning what to watch on TV this fall. Never mind the fun side of predicting which shows will last an episode, which shows a season, and which shows will become beloved classics. It’ll be fun to revisit this post in a few months and see how I did, don’t you think?

I’ll predict here and now that the two shows I like best will be cancelled halfway through their first seasons and the third will last a whole season. It always happens. I think I have strange, out of sync television preferences.

Anyway, on with the show – as it were:


  • Animal Practice – Another show NBC made sure no one who watched the Olympics could ignore, this is one that they’ve already aired an episode of. I watched it. It was a good way to pass half an hour. Will I pass more time watching it? The best I can say is maybe. I give it … at least a season.
  • Ben and Kate – It’s on FOX so while I think I’ll like it, I probably won’t. Just based on past experiences with FOX comedies. Seems like a relatively new, cute premise (two siblings who raised each other and are now raising her daughter) for a show so I give it … at least a season, if not more – based on my very amateur study of FOX comedies.
  • Go On – In their quest to have everyone watch their network before the season even starts, NBC aired an episode of Matthew Perry’s new show already. I watched it. It was a slightly odd premise for a comedy, but I liked it. Matthew Perry on NBC in a comedy … I give it … two seasons or more.
  • Guys with Kids – Given how much NBC promo’d this during the Olympics, I’m surprised they didn’t air an episode of this ‘bromance’ type comedy – only with kids. It looks funny from the ads, but I’m worried the funniest parts are in the ads. I’ll watch, though, at least for a little while. See what happens, you know? I give it … multiple seasons.
  • The Mindy Project – FOX has offered up a medical comedy. An interesting idea. I haven’t seen Mindy Kaling in anything else, so I’m basing my opinions purely on the commericals I’ve seen – it looks good. You can’t have too many good comedies in your life. I give it … two seasons or more.
  • The Neighbors – ABC is offering up a comedy about a family that moves into a neighborhood inhabited by, wait for it, aliens. I kid you not. I’m also not kidding when I say I seriously doubt I’ll be watching that. I give it … less than half a season.
  • The New Normal – Even if I wasn’t already planning to try this new show about a single mother who becomes a surrogate mother for a gay couple, I watched it just to spite the conversative Utah channels who are already refusing to show it because there is a homosexual couple on it. It’s going to bring a huge debate, though, and someone will cave so I give it … a partial season.
  • Partners – A Monday night comedy from CBS, a show about a “bromance” between lifelong friends (one straight, the other gay and both in relationships) seems a little weak on plot at first, but it could have something. After all, Michael Urie does star in it and CBS wouldn’t put it on between How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls if they did think it would do well. Or maybe they’re hoping the sandwich effect will make it do well. Since I watch Monday night comedies on CBS, I’ll give it a go. I give it … at least two seasons.


  • 666 Park Avenue – Landlords in swanky New York, Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn headline this ABC show. Only their apartment house is demonically possessed. I won’t watch and I bet most people won’t. I give it … half a season.
  • Chicago Fire – The selfish, eye candy loving girl in my is so very glad Jesse Spencer already got another show after House. And the fact that he’s playing a firefighter is even better on NBC. It’s a nice change to have a firefighter/paramedic show instead of the handful of NYPD shows starting the new season of TV (random thought: there are no NYPD shows starting the season!). All that being said, I’ll watch and hope it doesn’t get cancelled quick. I give it … at least a season.
  • Elementary – This CBS show takes Sherlock Holmes out of 19th century England and deposits him in modern day New York City. Oh, and Watson is a woman – played by Lucy Liu. It’s like one of those horrible mash-ups of classic literature (Wuthering Bites, anyone?) only it’s on television. Needless to say, I’m not watching. I give it … a season.
  • Last Resort – This is, according to Wikipedia, a show about a US submarine crew who defies orders and refuses to launch nuclear missiles at Pakistan. Later on they set up their own nation on a fictional island. Say what? I give it … a couple episodes – it’s too deep and too real to be entertainment.
  • Made in Jersey – CBS is, I’ve just realized, the only network to offer up a legal drama this fall. This s how is about a New Jersey lawyer who works in NYC. It sounds a little like Jersey Shore in the courtroom. I might watch it if I get bored. I give it … maybe a season.
  • The Mob Doctor – The title catches you, doesn’t it? The FOX drama was a lot of potential based on catchiness alone but I’m not really fond of medical shows. Medical shows about the mob however, might possibly be a different story. Literally just had the thought, though, that this might be FOX’s attempt to replace House – not possible. I give it … a season, tops.
  • Nashville – A drama about a fading country music star and a rising country star? Thank you, ABC, but no thank you just the same. For one thing, I don’t like country music. For another, the premise seems weak, predictable, and overdone. Am I being too harsh? I give it … a season or more.
  • Revolution – Maybe it was all the advertising NBC did for it during the Olympics, but I’m kind of already hooked on this show. I’m all about the post-apocalytic stuff lately, so that gets me from the start. Billy Burke starring in it doesn’t hurt either. All that being said, since I like it already, it’ll be one of those three I mentioned up above. I give it … a partial season – much to my own dismay.
  • Vegas – A series set in 1960s Las Vegas starring Dennis Quaid as an upright sheriff and Michael Chiklis as a mobster? Interesting. Will I watch? Probably not. For this CBS show, I give it … a season.

My sleeper pick

Bomb Girls on REELZ. Sometimes I forget I get REELZ but then I accidentally find something to watch on it. Last weekend it was Slumdog Millionaire – not as good as I expected it to be, and that’s why I was more interested the commercials for a show premiering in September called Bomb Girls. It’s all about the women who went to work during World War II. The show was originally shown in Canada and has already been upped for a second season there so I’m hoping REELZ will stick with it.


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