Wordy Wednesday, August 15 – My dog’s Olympic curse

I haven’t posted anything here in a little while. I’m such a bad blogger. But I’m back and armed with good reasons for my absence.

First, the Olympics happened. I was a bit distracted by that. It was weird to be distracted by Olympic coverage that annoyed me so much. NBC certainly seems to think that we all want to watch beach volleyball, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and any American gymnast during their tape-delayed primetime coverage. We don’t. Or, at the very least, I don’t. The Olympics are an international event and the only time international athletes got attention from NBC was if they happened to pull off what NBC made sure we knew was a miracle and defeat the American who was a “lock” on gold. The daytime coverage wasn’t much better. With 34 sports to choose from, why so much volleyball, basketball, and water polo?

And still I watched as much as I could and got frustrated when I couldn’t because real life got in the way.

Real life being my second excuse. My dog started acting funny on the first day of the Olympics and I took her to the vet the Tuesday after the Games started. It turns out she’d aggravated the ruptured disc in her back so she was on restrictions, and eleven pills, for ten days. Poor little thing looks so pitiful when she’s not feeling well, it’s impossible not to jump up and baby her when she wants it. If any of you have ever had a dog with IVDD or other back problems, know I feel for you. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Lucy will always have flare ups and problems with this. But the vet gave me an NSAID to use as needed (but not too much because she’s also on medicine for seizures and high blood pressure) and glucosamine tablets. Hopefully the glucosamine will help once it gets built up in her system.

The vet also said to switch from using a regular collar to a harness so I bought a step-through harness, which Lucy absolutely hates. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because the clasp is right where her back hurts. I don’t know what else to do. I get the collar probably isn’t good because she’s a beagle who is not that well trained on her leash and pulls, but if she won’t walk (and there were a few days she wouldn’t) with the harness on, what else do I do?

Do any of you know a better type of harness that won’t bother her back and is easy to put on? That’s important because she does not like to have things done to her and can be very stubborn about lifting her paws or turning her head.

Anyway, the Olympic curse I mentioned in the title is because Lucy ruptured her disc, and was partially paralyzed, around the time of the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and it didn’t come back until the London Olympics started. Maybe I’m not meant to watch the Olympics while I have her…


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