Free For All Friday, August 10 – Facebook

Hello, my name is Nicole. I do not have a Facebook account. I do not want a Facebook account.

But I feel like I have to get a Facebook account.

Every product wants you to “Like” something or another to get something. It’s annoying.

I’m ranting about this today because the soon to film Hunger Games movie had a page on Facebook where they were making casting announcements. Until yesterday, I could see it. Today, I need to “Like” the page to see the cast. How can I do that if I don’t have Facebook.

It’s looking more and more like discrimination against those of us who don’t have Facebook.

And it’s not just me, I know that. I read an article recently about how Mark Zuckerberg and the other executives there admit that they’ve probably reached a saturation level of users and they’re transitioning to keeping the users they have. Unfortunately, I no longer have the link for that article. I do, however, have this article that states that 51% of Americans have Facebook accounts. Yes, that’s a majority – a slim one. Which brings me to my problem of products associating so closely with Facebook.

Do the companies not realize that 49% of Americans can’t “Like” their stuff in any other way than to buy it … which would seem more important?

Maybe I’m just stuck in 2005 by not having an account. I admit it’s a possibility. But Facebook has always struck me as a place to keep in touch with people you’d keep in touch with otherwise … if you really wanted to keep in touch with them.

Should I break down and sign-up to get the privilege of “Like”-ing stuff just to get access to stuff? Is it worth it? Can I be on Facebook without being found by people I’d rather not talk to? If I want to be ‘someone’ (like an author), do I need Facebook, evils and all?

That’s my rant for the day.



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