Free For All Friday, July 26 – The Olympics

In honor of the London Olympics starting today, I’m posting about the Olympics. Makes sense, right?

I remember the first Olympics I ever watched. I was in the fourth grade and my teacher was very into the Olympics so she made sure that we all paid attention to the Winter Olympics in Albertville, France in the winter of 1992. Back then, USA Today even had a special section of their paper that was only about the Olympics and my teacher kept all of them then, at the end of the Games, she put everyone’s name in a bowl and we got to pick which section we wanted to keep.

I still have my section. I thought I lost it but I found it not that long ago stuck to the back of a frame. That was a very happy day.

I will say that admitting I was in fourth grade in 1992 makes me feel a tad old but I’m good with that. 1992 was a good year, just like 2012 is.

Anyway, I’ve always liked the Winter Olympics better than the Summer Olympics, but that does not mean I’m not excited about London. I am.

I plan to watch as much as I possibly can, which should be a lot since NBCOlympics now has the live streaming of every. single. event.

Granted, of course, there are some things I doubt I’ll watch, but it will be very, very nice not to have my entire viewing experience decided by the powers that be at NBC. That means I won’t have to watch three competitors in men’s gymnastics and nineteen fluff pieces on Michael Phelps if I so choose. It will be very nice indeed.

Are you planning to watch the Olympics? Any particular event you’re looking forward to most? Me, I just want to watch everything. I’ve even watch preliminary soccer/football matches over the last couple days. So excited!

So, all that being said, if my blog falls silent a bit over the next two weeks, you know why…


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