Free For All Friday, July 6 – A Love Letter to Fandom

This is another guest post from the lovely and very sweet Mirajane Scarlet. I agree and endorse, for what it’s worth absolutely everything she’s said in this post. If you’re part of a fandom, I think you will too.

A Love Letter to Fandom

Fandom, I wanted to write a love letter to you. Every weird part of you. From the stuff I love to the stuff I don’t get to the stuff I cringe and look away from to the new stuff I never even thought I’d like and then end up loving. I love to be able to go to a website like, an archive of our own, tumblr or livejournal and see all the beautiful pictures and all of the beautiful words and see that there are people out there who love the same things I do just as much as I do and sometimes more than I do.

I love seeing how passionate people are about things. I love seeing how inventive people are. I love seeing how creative people are. I love all the energy people put into just enjoying the hell out of something. People might think fandom is a crazy place, that we’re all mad, but I very rarely think about that. What I usually think about those people is how sad I feel for them because they rarely feel the level of passion for anything in life that fangirls and fanboys feel over something as simple as a book, a movie, a comic, a cartoon or a tv show.

I love the conversations people end up having because of fandom. I love how individual fandoms bleed and spill over, how if you meet someone who loves one thing you love, they inevitably tell you about something else they love and then you might end up finding something new to love. I love how some individual fandoms last forever and span decades and generations and some individual fandoms are instantly so huge, so big, so bright then fade out just as fast, I love how some fandoms are small and brief, I love how fandoms can bring people together, even when some people try to tear them apart.

I love how fandom can make me smile like an idiot when I’m alone in public because I just thought of the best plot for a new fanfic. I love how a funny animated gif on tumblr can make me smile and make a bad day a little bit brighter. I love how people write thousands and thousands of words on the merits and the positive attributes of their favorite characters. I love how fandom has its own language. Cannon. Fannon. Head Cannon. Shipping. Pairings. OTP. Slash. Lemons. AU. AH. OOC. OC. Mary Sue. Plot Bunny. And that’s only the words I can come up with while I’m tying this up.

I love how individual fandoms just make things up and get carried away with them. I love the inside jokes individual fandoms have. I love how even though people make fun of fandom and fanboys and fangirls a lot, no one really cares. No one ever stops writing a fanfic because there are people out there who don’t understand what fanfic is or why anyone would bother. No one decides to stop making fanart because there are people out there who don’t get it. I love shippers who continue to ship whoever they damn well please regardless of all those who deride them for it. I love anyone who stands up against a bully or a jerk and puts together a well thought out argument for why exactly they enjoy whatever they enjoy and even more so the people who not only come with good arguments, but then relate how that thing they love is relevant and important to society. I love how easy it is to meet new, fascinating, fabulous people in fandom. I like meeting the weirdos, the people who are a little bit too into it, a little too in love with a certain character, or worse, their own character. I love all of it. Even the bad parts because more often than not, if you look hard enough, you can see people fighting back against the negativity, not just of the internet but the world as a whole with passion and fire and creativity and just plain awesomeness.

To sum it up, fandom, I love you because without you, I would not be here. I would not be me.


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