TV Tuesday, June 26 – Nothing on…

Summer TV sucks.

Does anyone disagree?

I didn’t think so.

I’ve tried watching Glass House and The Great Escape. Both were a bit on the dull, hokey side.

The only saving grace I’ve found is the ever reliable FOX turning into the Gordon Ramsay Channel and airing no less than four hours of the foul tempered chef. Even at that, I only watch two hours of him because Masterchef falls under the dull, Gordon Ramsay sort of keeps his temper in check category and Kitchen Nightmares is too much happily ever after for me. So I watch Hell’s Kitchen. Twice a week.

Is there some fantastic summer show out there that I’m missing? Please tell me if there is.

And do not suggest anything to do with the Kardashians or Real Housewives of WhoCaresVille!

Other than that, I’m totally open to suggestions.

Please and thank you.


2 thoughts on “TV Tuesday, June 26 – Nothing on…

  1. While I find FOX programming questionable at times I agree that it has a pretty excellent summer line-up compared to the vast wasteland that is summertime television. Mostly for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – this show is AMAZING – so much talent and wonderfully entertaining. Don’t let the annoying judges put you off, the choreography and the personality of the dancers is worth it. And it’s on twice a week. You can’t lose. lol.

    • I’ve actually never tried “So You Think You Can Dance.” It might be time to remedy that and give it a try. I suppose I thought it would be too much like “American Idol” – which I was able to stand for just one season. But, yeah, some of there programming is very questionable … like that dating show they keep advertising with B- or C-list celebrities. Thank you, but no, lol. Thanks, though, for the SYTYCD rec!

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