Saturday Smiles, June 2 – Tastefully Offensive

So this is the first Saturday in my new and improved themed posts on this blog and, natrually, I couldn’t think of anything catchy to be the Saturday theme. Doesn’t that just figure?

Then it came to me … smiles. Mostly because I couldn’t think of an actual synonym for “funny” that started with an “s.” So smiles it is.

Saturday posts will come with the specific goal of making you, and me, smile or laugh in one way or another. Really, who doesn’t need to do that more?

See, I knew you agreed with me.

Anyway, today’s smiles come courtesy of Tastefully Offensive (Go on, click on that link there.) and it’s sister-ish site on tumblr, also called Tastefully Offensive (Click on that link too.)

Go on. Click on the links. You won’t be disappointed.

At this very moment, at the top of the first link is a mind-blowingly cute video of a bunch of prairie dogs eating carrots.

So yeah, smile and laugh today. You’ll be better for it.


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