TV Tuesday, May 22

This is a sad part of the year for television, isn’t it? Every show is having it’s season finale and many shows won’t be returning the fall.

Is it just me or are television season entirely too short?

It seems like shows are getting shorter and shorter. Some don’t start until early or even mid-October and they still end in early or mid-May. Don’t even get me started on the mid-season breaks and weeks of reruns. It’s annoying, to put it lightly.

It bothered me even more when Hulu put up the second season of The Donna Reed Show from the 1950s. That season had 45 episodes. Comedies today seem to have 20 episodes or less.

If I were in charge of a television channel, would that I were, the stars would get paid less, there would be more episodes, and I’d stagger the shows to start and end at different times so there would never be any summer filler shows or stupid so-called reality shows. What would you do if you were in charge of a channel?

Also, I haven’t been following what the main networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) are doing for the summer – is there anything I should check out?


2 thoughts on “TV Tuesday, May 22

  1. You’re exactly right about the “seasons” of television. I really chafe at the ones that alternate years, as the Sopranos did. I’m just not that patient! A year? To wait for my shows? Arrrrrgh. If only we were in control…

  2. If only, indeed..

    Thankfully, I’ve never watched any of the alternating years shows. Just the summer off is bad enough to make me impatient. That and I don’t even like to start watching new shows until I’m fairly sure they’re not going to be cancelled after three episodes, something that’s happened a few too many times.

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