Two and a Half Men.

I used to like Two and a Half Men. I used to think it was pretty close to hilarious. You know, back when Jake was little … and cute. When Alan was just bordering on pathetic and Charlie was still there, not making my skin crawl. And Rose, I loved Rose. She made the show. It was the women (Evelyn, Berta, Rose, and even Judith) who made that show.

Then Charlie Sheen went nuts. As you know, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

The show was bad the last few seasons with him, and probably should have ended then.

But it didn’t. So, to recap, Charlie Sheen goes nuts and Ashton Kutcher joins the show.

The world waited with bated breath.

It was kind of “eh”, if you want my humble opnion. Walden was very nearly as pathetic as Alan when he was long haired and pining pitifully over Bridget. But then he shaved and got a British girlfriend (I may have missed the episodes when that happened.).

So I still watch sometimes. I cover my eyes when Alan’s on the screen because he’s … gross and sad. But I like Walden and Zoey (said British girlfriend as played by Sophie Winkelman).

In fact, I say Chuck Lorre and the other powers that be write off Alan and his pot smoking son (Did they really have to go there with Jake? So openly?) and make a show about Walden and Zoey. They’re funny, they’re cute, and I want to watch them.

Two and a Half Men has run it’s course. Please, please end it. Soon.


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