Witch Hazel.

I have a new miracle cure.

Witch hazel.

I’m so fond of it that I’ve been teased about possibly bathing in it. If I get desperate, I wouldn’t count it out.

I found it by chance of clicking on one of those “five ways to…” do something articles that seem to pop up every time you go online. You know, the ones where the “five” things are things you A) already knew, B) really didn’t want to know, or C) wouldn’t do if someone paid you? Yeah, those ones.

But, after suffering years of dry skin and zit problems on my face and no longer having any desire to pay ridiculous prices for creams, soaps, and cleansers that inevitably leave me worse off than when I started. So, seeing witch hazel at my local supermarket for a mere $2.75, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.

And I didn’t lose a thing.

My face has never been clearer.

All I do is put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and rub it on my face once, maybe twice, a day and I’m a happy camper.

During the winter, I happened to read on my bottle that witch hazel is also used for sunburn relief so, when I got cracked and dry skin on my hands, I slapped some witch hazel on. After two days, my dry skin was a thing of the past.

Then, for the thing that sealed it all, I put it on a small cut on my finger that I was avoiding putting a band-aid on because, well, band-aids on fingers are annoying. A few hours later, my finger felt fine and the cut was scabbed over.

See? Miracle cure.

Try it!


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