Shipping on NCIS.

Yes, I am in favor of “shipping.” Books, movies, TV … shipping makes things more interesting.

Never, though, did I think I’d ship Mark Harmon’s Gibbs with anyone on NCIS, but I do.

Let’s just lay it on the line, shall we? Leroy Jethro Gibbs needs to be in a relationship with Dr. Samantha Ryan, as played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

I’ve always liked the hints of a Tony/Ziva (or Tiva, if you will) romance, but that might be better as just hints. Until the end of the show, anyway. The dynamic of “Tiva” could very well be lost if it becomes reality. We’ve all seen that happen far too many times on our favorite shows, haven’t we?

Gibbs and Ryan are a different story entirely. Dr. Ryan really can’t be a regular part of the team but her role in the Department of Defense is an excellent way to have her involved with regularity without being a regular. That would be just the right balance of romance for a show like NCIS.

So please, if anyone who has anything to do with making NCIS happens to accidentally fall into this blog, please keep Jamie Lee Curtis and Dr. Ryan around!

I assure you, and anyone else reading this, that I never ever thought I’d be sighing and squealing over Gibbs cuddling on his couch but I am. And I don’t want to stop!


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