So, in search of some good TV comedy, I watched the premiere of NBC’s new show “BFF”.

I did not find any good TV comedy on said show.

The story of Jessica, a bitchy blonde who lives little doubt as to why her unseen husband has divorced her, who then moves in with the naively sweet Lennon (i.e. stupid) who is her longtime best friend and ex-roommate. Problem #1: Lennon has a live-in boyfriend. That could be funny, well, could have been funny, if it weren’t for the fact that Jessica is downright evil to the hapless Joe, who only seems to care about an flatable University of Michigan chair and having chili on “lazy Sunday” so he can propose to his girlfriend.

I watched the episode On Demand and the info button told me that the show was 25 minutes long. I quit on minute 18.

In that time, Jessica had cried, kicked Joe out of his office, cried some more, ruined “lazy Sunday” by insisting on a Mediterranean feast, cried again, rearranged Joe’s life with Lennon’s permission, and (finally!) had an epiphany in which she apologized to the now crying Lennon and offered to move back out.

Yeah, no, that’s not funny. Maybe a divorce, jilted ex (there’s one of those too!), and screwing up a perfectly good relationship just aren’t the way to reel people in to your sitcom. Or maybe I just don’t get “comedy.”

Either way, the search continues…


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