Mortal enemies.

Mortal enemies, you say, who are mortal enemies?

Me and technology, that’s who.

And by techonology, I don’t mean the internet. I mean physical pieces of technology – like mp3 players, CD-ROM drives, computers (I’ve blogged about all of my battles with those things, in case you missed them).

I recently lost Round 4 of the battle.

One of my flash drives literally does not fit into the USB port on my new computer. Literally. After deciding that jamming it was not an option I wanted to attempt (considering that I only just bought this computer and I really don’t want to break it), I did what any man, woman, or child in 2012 would do … I googled it.

Turns out, SanDisk Cruzer (the very brand and model of my flash drive) commonly does not fit into USB ports because of incompatibilities in how they’re made – or maybe how computers are made, I really don’t know anymore. Some people have resorted to breaking off pieces of plastic to make it fit (no thank you, very much), jamming it in (like I said, no!), or buying a cable to plug into the USB port which I could then plug the flash drive into (watch, with my luck, it wouldn’t fit into the cable either).

No, my own handcrafted solution is to put said flash drive into a different computer and email the stuff to myself (then saving it on Google Documents or Hotmail’s SkyDrive) and/or put it on a different flash drive (hopefully one that fits in my computer).

Please tell me Round 5 is a long time off!


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