So, intrigued by a primetime network being willing to taken on one of the most powerful and judgmental groups in America – i.e. rich, church-going, Texas women – in the form of an hour long comedy, I tuned in to ABC last night to watch the series premiere of GCB. I’d already discovered from my latest issues of Entertainment Weekly that GCB is the acronym for “Good Christian Bitches” – needless to say, that was part of the appeal.

All appeal that GCB held for me disappeared in the first half hour of the show. I’d tell you what happened in the second half hour, but I’d turned it off by then.

GCB is, in a nutshell, a horribly vapid show about horribly vapid women who do nothing but snark about and spy on each other. Save for the one who comes home after living in California (and, given that she has two teenage kids, dresses like a twenty-something slut), all of the other women are far different than they were in high school, when California Girl ruined all their lives. Now the life-long Dallas residents are much more like the California Girl was in high school and yet the audience is expected to feel some sort of sympathy for C.G. (I’m tired of typing California Girl and I couldn’t be bothered to remember her name) because her husband committed financial crimes and drove off a cliff while her friend/his mistress was giving him a blow job.

I don’t. And I won’t.

Because I’m not watching anymore.

In a show featuring Kristen Chenowith and Annie Potts, I expected more. Annie Potts, from the little I watched of the show, was good in her role. But I hated Kristen Chenowith’s character from the first time she climbed on a step stool to use a teleschope.

The one thing I regret about the show is that C.G.’s dead, disgraced husband was apparently played by Greg Vaughn who, though I’ve only seen him on General Hospital and he wasn’t that good on it, would at least have been some eye candy rather than simply, well, disgraced and dead.

Maybe I watched for the wrong reasons, maybe I watched because I’m pretty much the opposite of a “GCB”. Either way, it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I’d hoped it would be. It wasn’t fun at all.

Is it supposed to be a comedy?

Anyway, as always, feel free to disagree with me.


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