I can’t have kids. No medical reason, I don’t think, just a mental one.

I worry to much about my dog. I’d make myself and any kid I have completely bonkers with my worrying.

My dog is an almost six year old beagle. For the first three years of her life she was a completely healthy dog. Then she started having seizures. Then she ruptured a disc in her back, but the seizures stopped. Her back healed, but the seizures started again. Then the vet told me that she has a heart murmur and/or high blood pressure. Last summer, around that time, it took her six weeks to get over an ear infection. Now, a month ago at her blood test for her seizure medicine, they told me she had a urinary tract infection. She’s over that now, but they tell me that there are trace amounts of blood in her urine. Thankfully, it isn’t renal failure, but she’s having x-rays for kidney stones and tumors on Monday.

I can’t take it. This is seriously ridiculous.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I don’t trust the veterinarian I go to as far as I can throw him/them. You see, it used to be an excellent place with a single doctor who loved every pet he treated like one of his own. Now there are three vets, the hospital is owned by a veterinary corporation, and the prices have skyrocketed. Not accidentally, I don’t think, the chances of one of the vet’s telling me she needs another expensive test or medication have also increased exponentially.

I know I should go somewhere else, but it’s the closest and Lucy hates to ride in the car.

Who knew corporate medicine would ruin animal health care too?

Either way, I watched my sister’s dog be sick constantly growing up and I’m tired of it all.

I must be bad at picking pets.

Still, though, this is too stressful. How do people do it with kids???

Anyway, if you read this and want to spare a thought for Lucy and me…


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