Ha! That got your attention, didn’t it?

Today’s blog is going to be VERY ranty. It’s that sort of a day.

Also, if you’re not either liberal or open-minded, you probably won’t want to read this. Just so you know.

I want to talk about sex.

As in the right wing, religious, conservative fascination with it. “It” being sex, of course.

They deny that the whole birth control/health insurance things isn’t about sex, that it’s about religious freedom. They’re lying.

To them, it is about sex. It’s about the fact that people who are having sex should be having babies. Don’t forget, Rick Santorum said a way to help the economy would be for families and unmarried women who get pregnant to have more children. The unmarried ones would have to get married too, of course, don’t forget that.

Incidentally, if sex is meant to produce babies, has/will Santorum & company stop having sex with their wives once their wives go through menopause? You’d think people like that would be all for polygamy.

For a group of people jumping over each other to cut funding to social programs that help needy children, this doesn’t make sense to me. I saw an interview with Congressman Barney Frank where he said something to the effect that, for them, “life begins at conception and ends at birth” because they don’t give a crap when the sex and baby part is over.

Then there’s gay marriage. I hate to quote Rick Santorum again but, well, he’s just a well of stupidity. He said something to the effect that gay marriage can’t be allowed because “a napkin can never be a paper towel.” Um, okay.

If you ask me, Santorum and company spend way too much time thinking about gay people getting married and having sex. Way too much. They should be concerned for themselves. Seriously concerned.

Santorum, I told you he was useful, also said that one of the other reasons he’s against gay marriage is because he doesn’t know where it’ll stop. He’s worried about polygamy and, even more alarmingly for him, bestiality. Um, okay.

One bridge at time there, buddy.

If you ask me, aside from being worrisome in terms of our freedoms and rights, the sum of all this is that the right wing¬†conservatives, especially the religious oriented ones, are very much obsessed with what goes on in the bedrooms of America. And they really shouldn’t be.

I told you this post would be a ranty one. Feel free to leave a comment and agree or disagree.


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