The Debt.

I rented the Helen Mirren movie The Debt yesterday.

I picked it over various other movies because I wanted something with substance.

It had substance.

I was confused for the first half hour of the movie, I really had not idea what was going on. After that, though, it was smooth sailing and I kept gasping at shock turns and twists in the movie.

The movie, in case you’re curious, is about 3 Mossad agents who are sent into East Berlin in the mid-1960s to capture the “Surgeon of Birkenau” and bring him to stand trial in Israel. It’s like an action movie, to be honest, but one with a really excellent story. Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson, Ciaran Hands, Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington, and Martin Csokas are all extremely good in the roles they play – the first three play Rachel, Stefan, and David in 1997 while the second three play them in 1965.

If you want a movie that makes you think and keeps you o the edge of your seat, watch The Debt. If you’re looking for something mindless and cute, keep looking.


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