Downton Abbey.

So I just watched the third episode of Season Two of Downton Abbey.

First reaction?

How in the world did I manage to let myself miss Season One????

I’m so mad at myself right now. I really need to pay more attention to PBS. We all should, really. This is quality programming that involves no staged reality whatsoever. It’s rare and, being on PBS, probably in financial danger here in America.

But I’ll get off my soapbox now, and return to the glory that is Downton Abbey.

I’d heard of it before. I knew it was “the” thing in Britain and I wanted to see it. Then, unfortunately, I forgot about it until I watched a few minutes of The Golden Globes the other day and it won something. Tonight, I didn’t have anything to watch so I was flipping through and accidentally stumbled onto it.

What a happy accident!

I’m fascinated already and, to be honest, very distracted trying to blog about it because I’ve got another screen open as I try to find out just what I’ve missed in a season and two episodes. I will watch next week, I’ve promised myself that.

I don’t know how many episodes are in Season Two, but if they’re still airing episodes when the show I’ve been waiting to come back (The Walking Dead), Rick and the gang will just have to face the zombies without me. It doesn’t get any better than World War I England.

Hmm…I wonder how many other posts mention both Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead?


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