On writing a story…

I’ve decided to try and write an original fiction story.

Big step, I know.

Will it ever get published? I can dream, can’t I?

Is that why I’m writing it? Pretty much.

Will my dreams be crushed if it doesn’t get published? No. I may feel a bit of a kick to the gut, but I am hereby vowing to take any feedback as critique and not criticism.

A setback is intended to make you stronger and that is what it will do for me. I’d rather not have a setback, of course, but I know I probably will.

I’ll just try again, with the same story or a new one. One day, something with click into place for me. I know that.


2 thoughts on “On writing a story…

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! Learning from rejection is exactly what I hope to do, though that’s probably easier said than done. Oh well. Thank you!

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