Does silence make you uncomfortable?

Do you hear that?

Silence. Do you hear silence?


I didn’t think so.

Our society is not, by nature, a silent one. That’s why you so rarely hear silence.

In the interest of not being silent, clap your hands if you are listening to music, watching a video of some sort, or even talking on the phone right now. See? You are, aren’t you?

What happens to you when you’re sitting in a silent room? Do you get antsy when your ears can’t hear anything? Do you start to yawn, fidget, and try to think of something to make noise with?

I do.

In college, I studied best when the television was on or I had earbuds tucked in my ears. There were a few times when I managed to study with both the television on and music on my mp3 player. I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was listening to or seeing on the screen, but I remembered details for my sociology test better.

Right now, as I write this blog entry, I’ve got a Supernatural rerun on. The volume’s so low I can hardly hear it and I don’t have any idea what’s going on in the episode, but I’m focusing on writing better for having it as background noise. If it wasn’t on, I can guess that, instead of three browser windows open, I’d have five or six and wouldn’t be nearly as far along in this entry.

What about you? What’s making noise around you right now? Are you sitting in silence? I bet you aren’t.

It’s too easy to make noise, isn’t it? Could I give it up? Probably not. Maybe I’ll try later, though. I need to do some writing, I wonder if I can do it in silence.


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