Happy Halloween!

Dressing Up

I haven’t dressed up since I was eleven and I only did that because my sister didn’t want to trick or treat alone.

If I ever do dress up again, look for me to be the one dressed in regular clothes with a sign that says “Nudist on Strike”. Thanks Jerad Anderson from 100 Monkeys for the idea!

Candy Galore

I do pass out candy most of the time. I liked getting candy when I trick-or-treated, so I have to pay it forward.

However, I have two rules for giving candy to people. Keep these in mind if you come trick-or-treating to my house.

  1. If you are old enough to drive to the store and buy candy, do not ask me to give it to you. I won’t. My sixteen year old neighbor recently told me that he was quite proud of the fact that he was taking his little siblings trick-or-treating and he’d found a costume he could wear for it “until I’m 45.” I didn’t give him anything.
  2. If your children are not able to open candy wrappers for themselves, I’m not giving it to them. I’m not an idiot. I know who will be eating most of the candy and it won’t be your children. I’m not giving adults candy. And don’t even think of bringing a stroller with a baby, not even a toddler, to me and insisting that the candy’s for the baby. It’s not.
Happy Halloween!

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