I have a cold…

…and I want to whine when I have a cold, so that is the topic of today’s rambling. Everyone likes to whine when they’re sick, don’t they?

Stages of a Cold

  1. The “Oh no, I will not get sick” stage, in which you ignore the soreness in your throat and pray to whatever deity you chose that you won’t be cursed with a seven to ten day affliction.
  2. The “Oh crap, I did get sick” stage, in which you give up your resistance and prepare to be miserable.
  3. The “Why aren’t you being nice to my while my nose drips on your?” stage, in which everyone around you hightails it for germ-free parts just when you desperately need some TLC.
  4. The “My nose hurts, my throat hurts…kill me now” stage, in which all things hurt and it’s utterly unfair that colds can make a person so miserable.
  5. The “It’d be nice if I could breathe properly, perhaps with my mouth closed” stage, in which you, well, can’t breathe properly.
  6. The “My cold’s going away! I’d do cartwheels if I wasn’t exhausted from having a cold” stage, in which you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but still feel completely horrible.
  7. The “I solemnly vow to take all my vitamins and never go within ten feet of a sneezing person” stage, in which you’re well on the road to recovery and you make all sorts of resolutions about staying healthy that you know very well you’ll never keep.
I’m around Stage 4 at the moment. Or maybe somewhere between 3 & 4. I want to be babied, but I don’t want anyone to come too close unless it’s to put me out of my misery.
I’ve got two saving graces for this particular cold that I never had before so, since I’m feel lousy and chatty at the same time, I’ll share my wisdom with whatever poor soul happens upon this blog.
  1. Breathe Right Nasal Strips — No, to my happy surprise, they are not just for snoring. I’ve never slept so good when I had a cold as I have when I use them. The only drawback, of course, is having a red, runny nose during the day doesn’t lend itself un-painfully to a super sticky thing stuck to the same skin. But it’s worth it. Oh so very worth it…
  2. Black Cherry Halls Cough Drops in Hot Tea — Sound strange? Yes, but it works. A super genius Twitter pal told me that her father always did it. Just get some water hot, drop a cough drop or two in a tea cup and pour the water on. I suppose it’s probably like TheraFlu, but I’ve never used that. But it clears out sinus passages so very well, I’m never not going to use it. I don’t know if I’d try it with every flavor of cough drop out there, but black cherry is delicious and super helpful!
Anyway, I know I’ll get over my cold, I just wish it could happen NOW!!!

2 thoughts on “I have a cold…

  1. Ugh I’m also between the 3 and 4 stage today. I want to die and my mom is avoiding me. 😦 I now regret being a baby and not getting the flu shot. But this is a cold, so maybe it wouldn’t have helped.. Who knows?

    • Flu shots won’t help a cold, I don’t think. Except for being a germaphobe, 😦 I don’t think there’s really any way to avoid a cold completely. I’m around stage 6 today, maybe even 7 if I’m feeling optimistic later. Either way, I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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