Fall TV Premieres

What I watched and what I thought…

  • 2 Broke Girls — I like the idea of a show with no male lead. And the two actress who are starring seem to be off to a very good start. I’ll watch again.
  • The Big Bang Theory — Some sitcoms can get old and stale, recycling the same jokes from the same characters. This is not one of those shows. It’s the actors that make the difference, I think. Sheldon will always be funny, even if he’s said it before. Last season I wasn’t keen on the addition of Bernadette, Amy Farrah Fowler, and Priya but I’m glad that two of the three are still there. They add a lot to the show.
  • Criminal Minds — One of my favorite shows, yes, but the characters can get a little full of themselves. Morgan and Prentiss were the biggest offenders in the premiere, but it looks like that story line is over for good. So I’m excited for a return to the good, old serial killers.
  • How To Be A Gentleman — Mark my words, this show will not last. The only times I laughed, I laughed because of how stupid it it.
  • NCIS — I love this show, but I did think the whole Port-to-Port Killer thing was dragging on too long. No longer! Having the Watcher Fleet selling the microchips to the highest bidder and a dirty SecNav is so very good. I still don’t like Barrett and, frankly, I hope she’s dead, but I do love it.
  • The New Girl — Zooey Deschanel is hysterical at all things, I’m just wondering what’ll happen in the next episode now that it’s set up. And yes, that means I’ll watch again.
  • Survivor — I know, I caved and watched it again. There was nothing else on. If something better presents itself on Wednesdays at 8, I’ll probably snuff my torch and jump ship.
  • Two and a Half Men — Definitely funny and occasionally awkward, but too soon to tell how it’ll all play out. After just one episode, Ashton Kutcher could just be a temporary fill-in guest start.
And, aside from what I will be watching online as time goes on, that’s it. So, until next time…

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