Funny Things: Googling ‘how to store we…’

So yesterday I was helping my sister look up the best way to store her wedding dress. Naturally, I turned to the ever helpful Google for answers.

You know that feature that Google has where it sort of tries to guess what you’re typing in and find the answer before you do? It can be hysterical! Trust me.

I went there and typed in how to store we

Can you guess what the top five things that Google thought I was trying to search for? No? I’ll tell you.

(and this is in the order that Google gave me, mind you)

  1. how to store weed
  2. how to store wedding dress
  3. how to store weed long term
  4. how to store wedding cake
  5. how to store weed without smell
I kid you not. Is that hysterical? Two out of the three top five results in the little search bar thingy have to do with weed? What does that say about humanity?
If it wasn’t so funny, I might be more worried!
I’m also curious to see what sort of searches find this blog now that I’ve mentioned storing weed.
Do you have any other funny Google search results? Tell me!

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