Good Movies: “The Conspirator”

I rented Robert Redford’s latest movie The Conspirator over the weekend. I have to say that it was very, very good.

As a history nerd, a fan of Robert Redford, and having a teeny tiny crush on James McAvoy, I couldn’t help but want to see it. So, since I try my hardest to avoid the ridiculous prices at movie theaters (yes, we all fail sometimes), I waited for the DVD. It was very much worth the wait.

I’d considered myself fairly knowledgeable about the events surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, but I realize know that I was sadly uniformed. I couldn’t help but think, “why didn’t I learn that when I majored in history in college?” as I watched the film.

It isn’t the type of movie that’s for everyone, though. There are minute details, long speeches, and a distinct lack of action. If you need instant gratification with bombs and bed hopping, look somewhere else.

There are also distinct political undertones to the film. We all know that Robert Redford is a staunch liberal, and I love that about him. But The Conspirator deals with the civilian woman who was tried by a military commission for acts supposedly committed during a time of war and whether or not she should have been tried there at all.

Sound familiar and/or recent? If it doesn’t, to be completely honest and blunt, this movie is probably beyond your understanding.


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