Luck of Location

I’m not going to be touched by Hurricane Irene. I love living in my little quiet corner of the world that Mother Nature hardly ever sees fit to both with anything more than a little too much snow sometimes.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sending all my absolute best wishes to the people along the East Coast (I’m really not that far away) in the hopes that they come through unhurt and with minimal damage to their homes.

I hope, if your under mandatory evacuation orders, that you evacuate. Why wouldn’t you? It’s not as though you can protect your house from the hurricane. Don’t try. Please.

I also like that the ASPCA has announced that anyone evacuating and unable to take their pets with them, can leave their pets at ASPCA shelters and not in abandoned homes. I think it’s the lost, left behind animals that get to me more than the human element.

If I were ever in some sort of disaster, and I pray that I’m not, I wouldn’t go anywhere that my dog couldn’t go. She’s my family too.

Anyway, here’s hoping that everyone stays as safe as possible this weekend.


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